Helpful Forms & Client Information

New & Existing Clients

Use this form to learn about our services and what to expect, as well as fees and your rights as a client.

Use this form if you choose not to use insurance, or Wisdom Path is out-of-network for your insurance provider, but you would still like to receive our services and want to know your options for payment/ billing.

Wisdom Path, PLLC is required by state and federal law to protect the privacy of your health information that may identify you.

For clients who choose not to use insurance, or are without insurance: learn about your right to receive a Good Faith Estimate explaining the cost of services.

If you are a patient requiring financial assistance for services, complete this form.

Download to learn about our procedure for in-person visits and efforts to keep our clients and staff safe per state and federal guidelines.

The health and safety of our clients and staff are top priorities, and we want to make sure you are fully informed about your options for receiving services and the best practices to protect yourself. Use this form if you wish to consent to receiving in-person services.


Please use this form to refer patients for individual, couples, and/or family psychotherapy.

Please use this form to refer patients for psychological evaluations.